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Bring Light

by Oct 31, 2015Visions

Vision: Bring light into the world

– 31-10-2015

I started praying this morning and opened the Bible to Luke 10:8 “Whatever city you enter and they receive you, eat what is set before you; and heal those in it who are sick, and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.”

I prayed the Lord would show me what it meant. In a vision I saw Jesus sitting in front of me. He had white linen clothes on, and also covered around his head. We were in a small room, with dim lights. It was warm and comfortable. He turned to me, gave me a flower and starred into my eyes. Then he opened his hands and a bright light came from it. In the light I saw a small book laying open, with an antique brown cover.

“Read it,” he said. He gave me the open book and I focused on the white pages but didn’t see anything. I kept squinting my eyes, hoping the Lord would show me what was written there.
“I don’t see anything, Lord,” I whispered.
“It is your book. I will give you the words,” he said and handed me the book. “Write my child.”
I said: “Lord, please help me find the time. There is so much going on.”
He didn’t answer. But got up and said: “Come.”
I followed him out the door.

Outside the room there was a great storm going on. He walked straight through the rain and wind. On my left side there was great abyss, with cold mist in it and I couldn’t see the bottom. It felt eerie. Jesus was walking along a ledge on the right side and said: “Don’t be afraid, child. I am with you.” He gave me his hand and I followed him along the ledge. Suddenly there was ladder going down into the depths. We started descended down the ladder and the air got colder and colder. I thought maybe we were going down to hell. But he assured me it wasn’t. He kept holding my hand and that kept my body warm. When we reached the bottom I saw stone buildings everywhere. The air was so cold, the stone was cold. It was dark. There were some people there but all had thick jackets on.
In a small street I saw two big angels standing by a small door. Their light was incredible in this dark world. As we approached them, they opened the door for Jesus. I followed him into a small room. It was cold and dark and dreary. Then I saw a man lying on the floor. He had a high fever, and was sweating. As Jesus approached him, the man reached out his shaky hand to him. Jesus came down beside him and laid his hands on him. The warmth and light entered the man’s body and slowly seeped in.
Jesus waved for me to come help him and said: “You can do this too.”

He pushed my hand forward and laid it on the man. The body of the man felt strangely cold. Instantly God’s warmth went into the man and he was healed. Suddenly I became aware that there were other people in the room and they all started reaching out to me.

Jesus said: “They can’t see me, but they can see you.”

In awe of the miracle the people went to their knees and praised God.

Then Jesus placed a thick gold necklace around my neck. It was the kind that a mayor of a city would wear, and at the bottom was key hanging. Then he said: “Go,” and got up and went out the door to the street. I followed him and it was so cold outside. The air was freezing and wet, muggy. All the houses were dark. He walked to a house a crossed the street and pushed the door open. Inside was a man in a wheelchair with his leg up, almost freezing to death. Jesus stayed at the door and told me to go. I went forward and prayed for the man. Slowly I felt the warmth start to spread into the man’s body and thaw him. In a way it reminded me of the end of Narnia, when Aslan breaths over the people. The man started crying and pointed to the back of the house. A woman was lying in a bed, almost dead. Jesus came and sat next to her and took her hands. Blew on her face, and prayed: “Father, thank you for your love for her. Body be well.”
Slowly the woman got up, cried and hugged Jesus. Then the light went on in the house.

Jesus got up and went outside again. While we walked through the cold streets he started commanding dark spirits to leave the houses. As he did, the lights went on. He opened the door to a house and hundreds of dark spirits flew out of the door. His light cast them away. In the middle of the living room of the house stood a woman, a witch. When she saw Jesus enter the house, her face changed and slowly she melted away into a puddle (sort of like the Wizard of Oz). Behind her I saw many people lying on the floor, asleep, not knowing what had happened. He woke them up and blew the dust off their bodies. It was clear they had been asleep for a long time. He prayed for each of them and light went into them.

Then I asked him: “Lord , is there anything specific you want me to say when I write this down?”

And He said: “Bring light into the world.”


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