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Awestruck by Glory

Language: English


De Haggadah van onze Redding

Language: Nederlands


Discover the reality of the supernatural

A Biblical archaeologist is attacked by an invisible force–Escape seems impossible until she makes a breathtaking discovery.

This book demonstrates the reality of the spirit realm through a first-hand account of a Biblical archaeologist, showing that miracles defy science and that God is able to rescue us from the most impossible situations.

A story about archeology and faith, about a Jewish family who comes to know the Messiah through dreams, a modern story of Elijah fighting Jezebel, and an incredible Paul-like conversion of an archaeologist.

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Do you wonder if there is more?

Is there something that is manipulating us all?

Does coincidence exist or not?

Are your dreams your own or are you being influenced by an invisible force?

Does God still speak through dreams?

Are Miracles Real?

Can the supernatural coexist with modern science?

Is there anything influencing us that is behind all the stories and conspiracies in the world?