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Our Logo

Our logo is a reminder of the burning bush, the Menorah in the Temple, God’s light and His eternal presence. Originally the Menorah is the symbol of the Tree of Life, the place between heaven and earth and of Yeshua Himself.

“And the leaves of the Tree are for the healing of the nations.” – Rev 22:2

It is like a palm tree reaching into heaven with its feet planted in the earth, and its leaves surrounded by God’s light and Shekinah glory. Through Yeshua, the light of the world, the path to the Tree of Life has been restored and we can commune with the Father again like in the Garden of Eden. Through Yeshua God’s glory shines within us, our relationship with God is restored and we can also be a light to the world. In Ezekiel 48 and in Revelation 22 God plants the Tree of Life by the river of life and restores all things. The leaves of the tree bring healing and peace and restoration for body, mind and soul for every person individually and also for the healing for the nations of the world.

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